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Opportunity Report

Our Opportunity Reports allow you to receive periodical updates on the events and issues surrounding companies, industries and/ or geographical regions of your interest. By keeping you updated, these reports will allow you to stay ahead of the game and be proactive in your business development and strategic efforts. Our job is to screen the vast amount of information available, and present it to you in a categorized, summarized, and orderly way.


– Receive regular updates on clients’ activities and adjust what you’re offering them based on this.
– To keep key executives and bid teams aware of competitors’ latest activity.
– Identify new opportunities and new potential clients when and as developments unfold.
– Keep up-to-date with business activity occurring in a particular region/country or state.
– To keep lawyers up to date on the subjects that concern them.
– To assist PR and corporate communication teams.
– Receive updates on key people changes (e.g. CEO, general counsel) at companies of your interest, which may represent an opportunity to approach a current or potential client with your offer.

A professional services firm based on the US East Coast was considering expansion into the West, starting by California. However, they were not sure whether the market for their services existed there.

Action taken
We first put together a list of 50 companies we believe could be prospects for our client. This list was approved by our client, and we then began sending them quarterly News Tracker reports which included news and events for all of these companies, so our client could evaluate the feasibility of offering them its services.

The client used our reports for a year and concluded the conditions were not ideal for a move into California. However, after requesting from us the same job but for companies based in Arizona, decided to expand into that state.

A client in the US wanted to keep up-to-speed on companies expanding their business into North Carolina so as to be one step ahead of its competitors.

Action taken
We developed a new research product, using a variety of information sources, to update the client on a weekly basis of new business ventures, acquisitions and expansions into the state.

Our client was able to harness the information provided in order to target new potential clients and expand market share in North Carolina.