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Client experience & intelligence

Elevate your business strategy and development endeavors to new heights with Latin Brains’ Client Experience Services, bolstered by the extensive expertise of Meridian West. In a marketplace that is constantly shifting and evolving, the ability to keenly understand client needs, stay abreast of industry fluctuations, and anticipate competitor maneuvers is imperative for crafting a successful and forward-thinking strategy.

Latin Brains’ Client Listening capabilities are meticulously engineered to empower your business with critical insights. Our services are tailored to help you uncover hidden opportunities, navigate the complexities of fast-paced market environments, and gain a profound understanding of the key drivers influencing the decisions of your clients and high-level buyers. This strategic approach is designed to position your business not just as a participant in your industry, but as a visionary leader, adept at adapting to change and seizing opportunities as they arise.

Meet our partners: Meridian West

Meridian West, a leading client experience firm, is renowned for its expertise with law firms, professional services, and banks. Specializing in client listening and insights, the firm helps clients gather essential feedback, benchmark performance, and tailor their strategies for optimal alignment with client needs. Additionally, Meridian West excels in executing thought leadership campaigns and providing strategic advice on growth, new propositions, brand positioning, and skills development, solidifying its role as a key partner in driving business growth and enhancing client relationships.


The key to enhancing client experience lies in listening to your clients. Latin Brains empowers businesses to improve client relationships by implementing a structured feedback program, assessing client health, identifying potential risks, and capturing insights from client promoters.

Client feedback also represents a powerful opportunity to identify new sales leads. Businesses, whether in professional services or in other B2B sectors, increasingly use feedback conversations to hear directly from clients about immediate priorities on the horizon, and where they would be open to using them in the future.

We can help your firm:

  • Design and set up a structured feedback program
  • Capture regular feedback through surveys, calls, and interviews
  • Automate reporting and analysis with our Client Insight Platform
  • Benchmark performance against peers
  • Model the benefits of improving client service on profitability

We delve beyond basic information to provide a detailed snapshot of the company’s current standing and the critical issues it is navigating. Our analysis meticulously evaluates the company’s strategic approach, identifying both the challenges and opportunities it encounters. By integrating this deep understanding with our expertise, we equip you with a thorough perspective of the company, enabling you to tailor your sales approach and strategies effectively. This in-depth analysis ensures that you are not just informed about the company’s present condition but are also aware of the potential future trajectories it may take.

Case study


In a rapidly evolving legal landscape, a distinguished law firm sought to fortify its market position amidst emerging challenges. The firm contemplated a strategic response to potential threats posed by innovative legal service delivery models and changing client expectations. Recognizing the need for a robust strategy, the firm engaged Latin Brains to leverage its expertise in client listening services.

Action taken

Latin Brains, armed with a deep understanding of the importance of client insights, conducted a comprehensive client listening initiative. Our approach involved in-depth interviews with over 200 general counsel and heads of legal services at multinational corporations and banks globally. The focus of these conversations spanned critical themes, including legal issues impacting organizations, preferences for legal service providers, experiences with alternative providers, opportunities for innovation in legal delivery models, and the potential impact on the firm’s brand and reputation.

The interviews provided a unique opportunity for participants to benchmark their views against their peers, fostering candid discussions and uncovering nuanced perspectives on the evolving legal landscape.


Insights gathered through our client listening services were instrumental in guiding the law firm’s strategic decision-making. At the partner conference, Latin Brains presented key findings to support a motion for investing in new service delivery models. The research revealed that clients expressed a clear preference for innovative legal service models, positioning the firm strategically against emerging disruptors and traditional competitors.

By leveraging client views obtained through our in-depth interviews, the law firm gained internal buy-in for change, ensuring that the strategic response aligned with the evolving needs and expectations of its clients. This client-focused approach not only fortified the firm’s resilience in the face of market shifts but also positioned it as a leader in adapting to client-centric trends.