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15 Jan
Win More Clients: Master the Art of Understanding Their “Case Study”
Category: All, Best practices
Just like compelling narratives, successful partnerships thrive on understanding the underlying conflict. In the world of business, this conflict manifests as a company’s cor...
15 Jan
Research. Personalize. Succeed: Building Stronger Sales Relationships Through Client-Centricity
Category: All, Best practices
Solution-Centric Pitfalls: Remember the flashy brochures and one-sided sales calls? While familiar, this solution-centric approach is familiar but flawed. It assumes clients need y...
08 Jan
The Secret Weapon of Business Development: Understanding Your Leads’ Challenges
Category: All, Best practices
In the bustling world of business development, leads are the lifeblood. We chase them, qualify them, nurture them, and ultimately aim to convert them into loyal customers. But amid...
03 Jan
Seeing Through the Fog: Why Business Research Fuels Growth
Category: All, Best practices
For Chief Revenue Officers (CROs) and Chief Business Development Officers (CBDOs) navigating the ever-shifting business landscape, closing deals is the Everest they must climb. But...
19 Jul
Embracing Change: New York Law Firms Embrace the Four-Day Office Rule
Category: All, Law firms’ trends
New York law firms are leading the way in adopting a progressive work model: the four-day office rule. This innovative approach allows legal professionals to work remotely for a po...
28 Jun
📢 Saudi Arabia Emerges as a Hotspot for Elite Law Firms Amid Global M&A Drought
Category: All, Law firms’ trends
Saudi Arabia’s surge in dealmaking activities has captured the attention of top-tier law firms worldwide, seeking to offset the decline in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) ...
13 Jun
Pioneering DEI in the Legal Landscape: Inspiring Examples from Top AM Law 100 Firms
Category: All, Law firms’ trends
🌟 In the dynamic world of law firms, the recognition of diversity, equal opportunities, and inclusion has gained paramount importance. Many leading AM Law 100 firms are inv...
02 Jun
Allen & Overy and Shearman & Sterling Announce $3.4bn Merger
Category: All, Law firms’ trends
In one of the most significant transatlantic legal deals in history, UK-based “magic circle” law firm Allen & Overy and New York’s Shearman & Sterling are...
26 May
🚀 Embracing the Future: Major Law Firms Harness the Power of AI Tools 🤖⚖️
Category: All, Law firms’ trends
The growth of AI models based on large language models has been remarkable since the introduction of OpenAI’s ChatGPT last November. These models are capable of generating te...
18 May
📢 Exciting Shift in Legal Careers: Generation Z Prefers Work-Life Balance and Values Alignment 🌟💼
Category: All, Law firms’ trends
According to a survey conducted by Major, Lindsey & Africa, a leading recruitment firm, Generation Z, born between 1995 and 2012, is showing a decreased interest in joining the...