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28 Apr
Large U.S. banks reporting 1Q22 earnings have diverged in performance
Category: All, Industry analysis
Large U.S. banks reporting 1Q22 earnings thus far have diverged in performance based on business models. Although profits were down across the board compared to the very strong ...
20 Apr
U.S. Small-Business Confidence Fell to Two-Year Low in March
Category: All, Industry analysis
Confidence among small-business owners in the U.S. declined in March 2022 to the lowest level in nearly two years, when the Covid-19 pandemic first hit the country, as high infl...
02 Feb
U.S. Property/Casualty Insurance Outlook
Category: All, Industry analysis
Fitch holds a neutral fundamental sector outlook for the U.S. P/C sector in 2022. U.S. property/casualty (P/C) insurers are poised to generate statutory underwriting profits and...
27 Jan
US Chemical outlook
Category: All, Industry analysis
Fitch Ratings’ sector outlook for North American Chemicals is neutral. The Chemicals sector includes diversified, specialty and petrochemical segments. Overall market cond...
18 Jan
North America & Europe FinTech outlook
Category: All, Industry analysis
Numerous secular tailwinds are underway; these include growth in areas such as: (i) digital payments (cryptocurrencies, contactless, mobile payments), (ii) buy now, pay later, (...
12 Jan
2022 Outlook: U.S. Media & Entertainment
Category: All, Industry analysis
Fitch Ratings anticipates continued pandemic recovery for the Media & Entertainment sector in 2022, although at a decelerating pace that will vary depending on structural diffic...
05 Jan
Neutral 2022 Outlook for U.S. Technology
Category: All, Industry analysis
Factors that could affect the industry's trajectory include continuing supply chain constraints and capacity growth, regulatory scrutiny delaying M&A transactions, inflationary ...
29 Dec
U.S. banks are expected to normalize in 2022
Category: All, Industry analysis
Fitch's U.S. bank sector outlook for 2022 is neutral compared to 2021 (negative), reflecting its expectation that bank fundamentals will begin to normalize in 2022. Although the...
22 Dec
A US regulator has proposed broad climate risk guidelines for banks.
Category: All, Industry analysis
Under a comprehensive new draft supervisory guidance suggested by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), a leading US banking regulator, large U.S. banks would be ...
16 Dec
Regulatory issues are expected to increase in 2022
Category: All, Industry analysis
Despite how bleak the legal market appeared in the early days of the global pandemic; it has shown to be quite resilient. Demand for legal services touched record year-over-year...
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